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SAAG65 Plate



Sale price$20.00

For Optimal Experience please use clip in stabs (Cherry Clip In's and TX Clip in's)

However, the plate has been designed to use Screw in Stabs (Stabies, C3, Durock, Gat Ink, Owl Labs etc) and your experience may vary depending on the type of screw in stab use. Please adjust your screw in stab experience accordingly

  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Type : Standard, Gummy o-ring mount
  • Layout : 65%
  • Plate: 1.5mm with no flex cuts
  • Single plate that is compatible with both ISO and ANSI PCBs by MoonKBD


SAAG65 Plate
SAAG65 Plate Sale price$20.00