Front Design: Elegant Fluted design pattern

The front of the weight is adorned with a beautiful fluted pattern design and is secured with two gold plated countersunk hex bolts

Rear Design: 4-Pointed Star Star with 3D Effect

The rear of the weight features a 4-pointed star design, which bears a resemblance to the logo of Moon KBD. With its subtle 3D effect, it glimmers beautifully from all angles

Group Buy Details

Having years of experience when it comes to manufacturing machined goods in China. We know manufacturing isn't easy and as a new keyboard design house we aim to please our customers.

There is a 350 unit soft cap and the group buy may be closed earlier if the cap is reached. This is to ensure that the lead times are kept as short as possible. Please do not wait until the last moment to purchase this kit.


We will ship to customers around the world. We have partners around the world to keep shipping low, but there are still some regions that are subject to VAT and import tax.

Orders to UK,USA,Australia,Malaysia,China and Thailand will be free from import tax and duties

Delivery Time - 4 months after sales period ends